tirsdag 23. oktober 2012


We are happy to announce that we have come across an enzyme which is supposed to break down gluten. At this time we have started using this enzyme in Bitter and Porter. The first Porter batch brewed like this is #876, and the first Bitter is #874.  All subsequent batches of these two beers will be brewed with this enzyme. Being a small brewery, we do not have the means to get all analysis done (or even to keep up to date with the current legislation) in order to determine whether these beers are gluten free or have lower levels of gluten.  As such we do not claim that these beers are gluten free.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Are they in some way labelled that they may or may not be gluten-free? And/or are all batches of porter and bitter from #874/876 treated with this enzyme? Kind of risky to recommend gluten intolerant friends to try this beer if there is no way to say if the batch in question is Clarity-Fermed (I guess it's that one?) or not...

    1. No, these beers are not labelled in any special way.
      We can confirm that all batches after #874/876 have been brewed with this enzyme.

      It is probably as risky drinking these products as drinking Corona or Sol, since there is no guarantee for the gluten levels. We wish that we could do this better, but we are a small producer and we simply do not have the resources.